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NOTE: Construction documents presented below are intended for illustrative purposes only. Not all projects may require all the sheets shown below nor degree of detail shown. The Construction Documents are produced to be used as a legal document in conjunction with AIA Contract Documents. All reprographics of the issued Instrument of Service is produced by SVM Universal Design Consortium LLC will be controlled and made available by printed hard copy or electronic form (PDF email ready) per request from the bidder.

Cover sheet ADA sheet ADA sheet ADA sheet Conservation Sheet Site Sheet Site Utility Plan Grading Plan Sanctuary Floor Plan Fellowship Hall Floor Plan Sanctuary Life Safety Plan Fellowship Hall Life Safety Plan Sanctuary Reflected Ceiling Plan Fellowship Hall Reflected Ceiling Plan Sanctuary Exterior Elevations Sheet Sanctuary Exterior Elevations Sheet Fellowship Hall Exterior Elevations Sanctuary Interior Elevations Sheet Sanctuary Interior Elevations Sheet Sanctuary Interior Elevations Sheet Sanctuary Interior Elevations Sheet Site Detail Sheet Architectural Detail Sheet Section Sheet Structural Plan Door Schedule Sheet Window Schedule Sheet Sanctuary Foundation Plan Fellowship Hall Foundation Plan Sanctuary Mechanical Plan Fellowship Hall Mechanical Plan Mechanical Schedule Sheet Heat Exchanger Specification Sheet Sanctuary Lighting Plan Fellowship Hall Lighting Plan Sanctuary Power Plan Fellowship Hall Power Plan Sanctuary Lighting & Power Schedule Sheet Fellowship Hall Lighting & Power Schedule Sheet Sanctuary Plumbing Plan Fellowship Hall Plumbing Plan Plumbing Riser diagram & Schedule Sheet