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Universal Design Consortium LLC Is collectively dedicated to the architectural, scientific, and engineering pursuit of energy independence through positive energy architecture. It is our work to discover, develop and implement true tested materials and system configurations that promote energy independence for commercial and residential buildings. Through our “out of the box” exploration and utilization of new and old building materials and methods, our sustainable architectural designs are realized. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to a world of greater possibilities.

Steven Von Mueller Principal Welcome

Universal Design Consortium LLC (UDC). Is a registered architectural firm practicing in the state of Texas. Registration number BR1702. Our staff of design professionals, building scientist and construction managers are leading experts in the field of sustainable strategies and energy efficient design. Our pioneering work in positive energy design for both residential and commercial applications has been featured in professional magazines, newspapers, TV and most recently; syndicated programs such as Texas County Reporter. UDC is best known for its Universal Home™. A home specifically designed for community revitalization needs and in which it is best suited. The home offers low cost housing solutions for low to moderate income, senior and handicap persons with a 85% reduction in electrical consumption as compared to a traditional home at the same purchase price.

Who we are & what we do Survival Architecture Survival Arch- Under Construction

As professional members of the National Storm Shelter Association, our designs are cutting edge Integrated above and below grade safe rooms and storm shelters that are designed specifically to meet your contingency needs.

Religious Facilities Services- Under Construction

Our religious facilities maximize efficiencies and offer the highest return for the money. With as much as 85% reduction in electrical overhead per month and a building life span in excess 1,500 years.

Services- Under Construction

Our specialty, UDC has helped several city community development departments all over the state of Texas solve their community revitalization needs by utilizing the Universal Home™, capable of a 85% reduction in the owners electrical bill per month.

Community Revitalization/ Low Income Housing Services- Under Construction

UDC provides custom home design for individual clients, builders and developers. Our designs are most advanced in sustainability, energy performance, air quality and water conservation.

Custom Homes/ Universal Home™ Our Sustainable Speciality: Multi-Family Services- Under Construction

Our multi-Family designs are an extension of the 10 years of development of the Universal Home™ and can offer, not only the highest in energy efficiency, but superior safety, durability and maximum life span.

Restaurant, Brewery, Bar & Grills Services- Under Construction

When cutting your electrical overhead is imperative- Look no farther, we have low cost design solutions that reduce electrical consumption up to 60%. We can work with both new and existing structures. STOP PAYING HIGH OVERHEAD!